Research and Development

Capture Technologies has completed several key studies during the last decade. Capture is now conducting a collaborative research and development project entitledUnderground Thermal Storage Using Phase Change Materials in Geo-exchange”.

Synopsis of our collaborative studies are as follows:
  • Performance Analysis of Underground Thermal Storage Borehole using Phase Change Material – with Ryerson University, 2018.
  • Economic Feasibility Estimations for Underground Thermal Storage Technologies using Nanoparticles and Phase Change Material- with Ryerson University, 2018.
  • The Effect of Nanoparticulate Material on the Thermal Performance of Underground Storage Heaters – A Numerical Simulation Study by UofT, 2017.
  • Alternative Borehole Configurations and Thermal Storage Medium (TSM) in Geo-Exchange – with Ryerson University, 2016.
  • Thermal enhancement of bentonite based grouting material by using carbon fibers in ground heat pump system – with McMaster University, 2016.
  • Bench scale Experimental Study on Borehole Heat Exchanger Performance and Design Improvement – Capture Technologies, 2016.
  • Ground Temperature Response Simulation with Thermal Storage Medium Soil Improvement Technology in Geothermal Applications- involving McClymont & Rak, 2015.
  • Advanced Geo-exchange Storage Systems with Integrated Thermal Assist Strategies- with McMaster University, 2015.
  • Comparative BHE Efficiency Study by Bench Scale Prototype Test McMaster Innovation Park Hamilton, Ontario- Capture Technologies with McClymont & Rak, 2015.
  • Comparative Heat Transfer Efficiency Study of Coaxial and U-loop Boreholes- Capture Technologies with McClymont & Rak, 2014.
  • Bench Scale Prototype Tank Drawings and Preliminary Tests- with McMaster University, 2014.
  • Solar PV Assisted Ground Source Heat Pump System Concept Design, involving McClymont & Rak, 2013.
  • Design/Construction brief for Phase I, II and III research for BTES, ATES and RTES Ecofarm Caledon East, involving McClymont & Rak, 2011, 2012.
  • Geothermal investigation, Ecofarm at Glen Lockton, Caledon East, Ontario- involving McClymont & Rak, 2011.
  • An ongoing full scale in situ monitoring of a ground source heat pump system at Ecofarm in Caledon East by Capture Technologies, Ryerson University.