Why Us?

What separates Capture Technologies is innovation resulting in reduced cost of installing geothermal systems.

Capture’s team, innovative technologies and creative design approaches replaces fossil fuels with more efficient and environmentally friendly renewable heating/cooling systems of the future.

We are technology leaders in geothermal HVAC research, development and implementation to meet heating and cooling of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

Hybrid Geo-Exchange

Experts in combining geo with other conventional and non-conventional systems to reduce costs while maintaining optimal performance for buildings with unbalanced demands

Thermal Storage with Phase Change Materials

Newly developed ground heat storage technology utilizing building foundations instead of deep drilling to store and distribute heat more efficiently


The current market share of GSHPs in North American HVAC market is only ~1%

Capture Technologies wants to change that…. join us.



To provide environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for heating and cooling through customized integrated energy technologies, focused on geothermal applications. At Capture we believe there is no need to sacrifice the environment of tomorrow for the comforts of today when building energy systems can be optimally and efficiently designed.


• Excellence
• Innovation
• Empowering Individuals
• Commitment to the Environment
• Commitment to Customers by providing low cost and high-quality products