How Thermal Caissons® Work


Thermal Caissons® serve a dual functionality as both structural components that support the building as well as energy system components that provide high-efficiency heating and cooling to buildings

Capture Thermal Units, which include U-loop heat exchangers embedded in caissons, are thermal storage media which help to store, absorb and release large amounts of latent heat stabilizing ground temperature, thus maintaining high efficiency for heating and cooling of buildings

Thermal Caissons® not only considerably reduce the capital costs of conventional GSHP systems, but also mitigate their efficiency degradation over time.

Benefits of Thermal Caissons®

  • Addresses all obstacles currently limiting the installation of ground-source heat pumps in most residential and commercial buildings
  • Thermal Caissons® require no additional drilling, making them more cost-effective than conventional geothermal systems

  • Thermal Caissons® offer higher thermal heat capacity with minimal ground temperature variation, and thus they are ideal for buildings with unbalanced heating and cooling loads

  • Capture Thermal Units stabilize underground temperature, increasing system efficiency

  • Dual-purpose caissons provide structural support and geothermal heat exchange


Projected 20-year Cost for High Rise Residential Building in Hamilton

HVAC System Type
Capital Costs
First-Year Energy Costs
% Total Demand Met by Ground (TC)
Simple Payback Period Compared to System 1
Conventional Boiler/Chiller
$900K - $1.1M
$195K - $200K
$ 7.2M
Capture Thermal Caissons®
$1.3M - $1.5M
$130K - $135K
60% - 70%
6-7 Years
$ 5.4M
Conventional Geothermal
$3.6M - $3.8M
$120K - $125K
31-32 Years
$ 8M


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